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About Us

It all started when…

Anya Schwarz


Hi, we’re MERGE.  

You know that area between black and white? The area outside of what society tells you to do? The one where you get to decide your path forward?  

You’ve been looking for it. It’s the gray area.  

That’s where all the fun is. Because that’s where you get to decide. And trust us, that’s where you’ll find your people, too.  

All this began with a passion for the gray area and for those looking for it.  

Anya Schwarz’s mission started out simply, as most big things do, with one goal: teach a Barre class.  

And that has grown into a love for these daily chances to help someone leave feeling better than when they showed up - whether that’s with a sweat sesh or a baller outfit.  

Now, Anya and her team wake up, their feet hit the floor, and say collectively, “To hell with normal, let’s do us and help others do the same.”  

If you’re quiet, you may hear them. Sidney, MT is a small town.