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12x Punch Card, Shirt & Entry

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12x card.

Shirt design 2022 by Ella Norby. Select Size.

MERGE presents: 12x. It’s time to zone baby, and we CANNOT wait to see you all, in studio/online/social media/EVERYWHERE. Just like each year prior, we have shifted, adjusted and scaled this event to make it the best yet! We are here to make it happen by offering virtual classes through Merge studio and also from remote locations all over. Your schedule, your timeline. Into. It. The Jist: All classes offered at Merge qualify for a 12x punch. Certain classes at Healthworks qualify for a punch and every remote location that can be booked via Merge MINDBODY qualifies as well. Just be sure to note where each class is taking place when you book. When in doubt: text 406-489- 2712. Bonus classes are available also, the Santa Run and any spin class which can be found at Healthworks via Jon & Cami M/W 6:00pm or Anya TUES/THURS 5:15pm. There will be additional bonus punches announced along the way. Challenge dates: 12/1-12/16. Prizes awarded to top finishers and at random. How you can help us: Please take a moment to follow Merge on IG and FB to ensure you are seeing any announcements along the way and to interact with the challenge at 100%. You are also highly encouraged to follow all contributors of this challenge. Each year we are proud and feel incredibly lucky to know and/or get to know each person who instructs, donates, and participates in this event. THANK YOU! The energy is unmatched. A big piece of 12x is designed to celebrate & support YOU and each other. #selfiesforlife


Gym Buddy: We understand that life is better with a friend and workouts are too. Working out with a buddy counts as a punch BUT you’ve gotta photo document that experience. Videos are great too. So are reels. But we wanna see YOU. Post and tag Merge.

Share Your 2022 Story: Hey, we’ve all got one. We want to know how you’ve been, what’s new, how are you? Share either via reel, post, blog, whatever. Gets you 5 bonus points. (tag us)

Training With A Contributor: Are you already training with @sisuchristy or @fitchickinthestix ? If so, your training sessions count as a punch! Yewwwwww!


12x Rules: To enter the contest a punch card must be purchased. Contest begins 12/1/2022. All 12 punches must be completed no later than 12/16/2022. Bonus punches are available to compensate for any unfilled 12x regular class punches. Bonus punches may be obtained by attending the Santa Run, spin classes, see “NEW THIS YEAR” and TBA. Extra points can be acquired via social media interaction. Receive 1 point for any post on IG (story or feed) that tags @mergefashionlifestyle AND the class instructor if applicable. Merge merch also applicable for points. Come try something on, take your selfie and post. Done. Receive 2 points for reviews left on the Merge FB page or GOOGLE reviews. Points will be accumulated and tracked via Merge (capping out at 2 per day unless bonus (see above)). Punches on lost cards cannot be redeemed. 15% Merge shopping discount through month of December, card must be presented at time of purchase. Winners: Grand prize winner will be determined by whomever completes all 12 classes AND has the most points at the end. 12x Card winner will be chosen by drawing from all of the completed 12x punch cards Cards: Cards can be purchased for $25 at Merge (in-store and online). Merge swag to be received at 12x wrap up party on 12/16/2022.

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