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It's Two Zero Two One

What I am trying to say is: Happy New Year!

Just over here realizing that I no longer charge out of the gates full steam ahead on the 1st, which means, we are four days in and it’s been slow and steady baby, slow and steady. Over time you understand that the race is all about sustainability and being able to not only reach your goals but to maintain them. It’s a much nicer process in the sense that you aren’t starting over from the beginning, or worse, each time you hit a wall.

This year at Merge we are fortunate to have a powerhouse of a team on the studio side. So. Much. Variety. Contemplating classes but still waiting to jump? Basically every human I know is reluctant, nervous, self doubting, intimidated etc at the thought of a group fitness class. I’ve said it before and I am saying it now….NOBODY CARES. About that. I mean about that. You just have to get here and experience first hand that whatever scenario you’ve got going on in the mental, it’s not accurate. What we do care about is YOU. We are here waiting, it is 2021, and time is not going backwards. SEE YOU SOON, either in person or virtually.

Ok, so what’s happening in the fashion world Anya? Hmm, good question. How much time do you have and how many characters is a blog limited to? Oddly enough we have the beginning of spring rolling in this month and yet for Montana we still haven’t had winter. Safe to say I think layers are probably a good idea and based on the rain we had last weekend maybe keep your umbrella nearby. Sitting here thinking about what we have to look forward to as a closet staple in Q1…over-sized tee’s seem to be etched in my brain (when you say fashion, I say T-Shirt. Fashion! T-Shirt!). We ordered many. Interestingly enough, we’ve got some floral prints headed our way (which is RARE), flannel jackets are everybody’s thing right now, pj’s as not pj’s are coming(yeah I think about these everyday), Vuori SPRING, cute denim, loungey sets that look professional (or maybe we’ve been trained to think so after last year). The general theme 2021 is starting with? Keep it real.

Come shop with us. Come sweat with us.