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Miniskirts Are Back & So Is Summer

Going to jump into this blog post like we’ve been doing it for longer than…just now.

Rather than create a huge long post on social, I thought it best to funnel it through here, the blog that you all knew about, I’m sure.

April is the month before what most of us who live here consider to be “true summer”, since it gives us one extra month before our real two month summer comes at us. April is also the month that, for me, I completely sabotage any type of fitness/bikini momentum I had diligently been working towards since December. I don’t understand it, I don’t like it, and honestly it makes me feel pretty crappy. Turns out I can really eat a lot of junk food when I put my mind to it.

Which brings us to this: a challenge. We have decided to promote a fun competition starting April 8th and going through May 10th. You’ll need a team of two, so grab your best human. The rules are quite simple, the goal is to score the most points as a team. You can earn points by attending class (1 point per class per person), checking in on the Merge Fashion + Lifestyle Facebook page (1 point), leaving a Facebook review (1 point), leaving a MindBody review (1 point), posting an Instagram Story from Merge Studio with a tag (1 point), an Instagram post that tags @mergefashionlifestyle, @fitchickinthestix or @bernadetteleigh_ (1 point), a Facebook post tagging @mergefashionlifestyle, @unstoppablefitness&health or @bernadetteleigh (1 point) a FB or IG pic of any time you wear your Merge Merch and tag us (2 points). Team with the most points wins bragging rights and their choice of fitness gear from Merge, $150 value per person. In the event of a tie, a winner will be chosen via names in a hat.

To participate in this challenge simply email with your partner’s name and team name by April 7th!

Get ready for summer!!

**any classes at Merge apply for this challenge