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It means two things: finding our fitness routine again after a long and really weird summer (#2020) and…sweaters.


May I present to you: Sweatember.


At Merge we always roll out a spring challenge because it’s about to be summer bod weather and of course we’ve got the sweatness event of the season, 12x, which is just around the corner. This year I felt the need to add in a little extra so here we are kicking out a super laid back, just show up and feel good about it event. Event? That’s not really the word, but just something that provides a little accountability. It’s casual.


In all honesty, it’s all about me. Haaaaa, isn’t it always? I’m just over here hoping that I am not the only one who has had a few rough weeks getting back into the “real” world groove. It has been especially difficult to work in an hour of fitness over here so I thought hey, let’s do a thing. Surely it isn’t just me. (It’s not just me is it?)


Here’s how it’s gonna go down: Sweatember kicks off tomorrow 9/8. Just hit (aka attend) 12 Merge classes between 9/8-10/7 and receive a $20 Merge voucher for that new sweater you’ve been eyeballing. I mean it doesn’t have to be that, but it sounds way better if we say sweater.


I signed up for Christy’s 5:30a.m. Power Sweat tomorrow. Sad I have to blog about this just to hopefully get me in the studio because I totally bailed on two of her classes last week. I AM THE WORST IF I AM NOT TEACHING THE CLASS. Not yelling.


Hope to see you there. Let’s get a little pep in our step, collectively.


One last side note, since we can’t leave out the fashion side of things. You guys, there’s literally like 469 more sweaters on their way to Merge which will bring the store total to like 876. We are bracing for a long cold winter, but that’s fine because we won’t be feeling cold at all. In fact, there’s SO MANY solid styles coming, you all will be stuntin’ like it’s nobody’s business.


TOMORROW. Be there. Or I’ll have to publish another awk blog about it.


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