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12x Zone Edition Five

If there is anything that 2022 has taught me, it’s to not get too comfortable, don’t overthink, don’t complicate.
Maybe you remember that we started this year off with a word: momentum.
The lesson learned for me was I can get out of my own damn way and let that momentum flow freely OR take the route of resistance
but inevitably the momentum will find you, it’s just a super bumpy ride.
Many of you know this, many probably do not, but during last year’s 12x I had to will myself up every single day due to unknown health issues. After feeling worse and worse on a monthly basis the search for answers as to why had begun but it would take much more time to reach final diagnosis.
The point is: without all of you carrying the team through, I don’t think 12x would’ve even happened. Never underestimate the power of numbers but also the power of your body. Take care of it. Treat it with kindness and respect.
This year has still been challenging, even more so. But one thing I witness on a daily basis is we are all facing our own struggles, we all have our strengths and we continuously support each other even without knowingly doing so…which brings us to 12x.

What started as a simple “let’s stay active before the holidays” has turned into a community of baddies with many more layers. I hate to say, if you know you know, but it’s absolutely true.
Please join us this year in keeping movement alive in our busiest and craziest month of the year. It’s easy to put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list, it’s much harder (way harder) to find those moments in a day to do something for our health. We invite you to join us in this challenge. Let’s combat seasonal hibernation and depression together.

This year the 12x will be a little different than years prior
but the motto is still the same: party that bod folks. 
Let’s do that.
Make some friends along the way.
Share some laughs.
Spread some cheer.
Take some selfies.
Throw down and commit:
$25 gets you in
You’ll get a cool little punch card
A shirt designed by Ella Norby
A wrap up party-food drinks prizes etc
Laughter, joy, good vibes, energy, muscles

 Click here to Join 12X